Formula Sheane Shines at Formula Vee festival


This weekend Mondello Park Hosted the latest rounds of the Formula Sheane Championship at the formula vee festival. Going into these two races it was the 2017 Champion Dave Parks who was holding the current championship lead followed by Brian Hearty.

Qualifying was on an action packed circuit which was unusually slippery for a dry day in mondello park. None the less it was Dave Parks who managed to set the quickest lap at the start of the session followed extremely close by Brian Hearty and Richard Kearney. As the session went on It seemed like Parks was going to keep pole until Brian Hearty put in an incredible lap to take pole for race one followed by Dave Parks, Richard Kearney, Martin Rafferty, John Ross Delahunt, James Sunderland, Keith Stafford and Leslie shaw.

Race one began early on sunday morning, the cars lined up on the grid and the tension could have been cut with a knife! The 5 second board came up and the lights went out, Parks got the Jump on Hearty from the line and lead into turn one, followed closely by Richard Kearney and Martin Rafferty who was showing great pace in his first outing of the year.

As the race progressed Parks extended his lead as Kearney and Hearty Battled for second place. Slightly Further back the grid leslie shaw, John Ross Delahunt, Keith Stafford and james sunderland battled it out, the final result of race one was David parks, Brian Hearty, Richard Kearney, Martin Rafferty, Leslie Shaw, John Ross Delahunt, James Sunderland and keith stafford who had an unfortunate DNF

Race two began late on sunday evening and this time it was Dave Parks who started on pole position Alongside him was Brian Hearty, the lights went out and Brian Hearty got the jump on Dave Parks followed nose to gearbox by Richard Kearney. As the cars came into the final turn to complete the first lap Parks sold Brian Hearty a dummy and passed him down the inside. Leslie shaw started at the back of the grid and made a huge push to climb up to the front. Richard kearney pulled off an incredible move to get past Brian Hearty but devastatingly for Richard his throttle cable broke near the end of the race. It was David Parks who took the win in race two, ending a perfect weekend for him and extending his championship lead. Followed closely by Brian Hearty, Martin Rafferty who took his first podium position!, James sunderland, Leslie shaw and John Ross Delahunt. Keith stafford and Richard Kearney both had to retire from the race due to mechanical faults.

A huge thanks from all of the formula sheane class to formula vee for an amazing weekend with some great races and good banter. Formula sheane without a doubt provided some of the best racing of the weekend. Onwards now to the next race weekend! well done to all.