Formula Sheane Championship 2013 Round1

Kirkistown was the venue for the First round of the Micks Garage.Com Formula Sheane Championship. We had a great entry of 15 cars all looking fresh and well after the winter break. Most drivers tested on Friday and all of the "shake downs" went well for both cars and drivers.

Saturday was the day when the action really got going, although the weather has been unseasonably cold Saturday morning started bright and cold but dry. Qualifying was scheduled for 11 o clock. All drivers survived without incident and results showed that we were in for an exciting race. Brian Hearty continuing his rapid ways of last year took pole by .40 of a second from Kevin Sheane and Anton Savage however Robbie Allen, Keith Hogg, Barry Rabbitt and Eoin Crowley were all in hot pursuit. Gary Corcoran, John Linnane, Mick Sammon, Tim Swail, Daniel Clarkin, David Parks, Aidan Byrne and Jennifer Mullan made up the rest of the field.

The race was set for mid afternoon conditions were perfect for racing and we were not to be dissappionted. Kevin Sheane took the lead from the start but he had Robbie Allen, Brian Hearty and Anton Savage in close company, Keith Hogg, Barry Rabbitt and David Parks were locked in the next battle,Gary Corcoran, John Linnane, Tim Swail, Eoin Crowley,Aiden Byrne, Daniel Clarken, Jennifer Mullan and Mick Sammon were all locked in a great tussle for the remaining places.Jennifer Mullan had an unfortunate puncture and despite furious work by her pit crew she dropped back in the order but did manage to finish. Mick Sammon had a spin from which he did not recover and as a result did not finish. Up front things could not have been more furious .It was two abreast all over the circuit four cars trying to outbreak and outmanoeuvre each other.It was breath taking stuff with less than two minutes to go Robbie Allen had what looked like a harmless half spin, Anton Savage made contact which damaged his steering and was out. Robbie had to retire shortly after with suspension damage which released Brian Hearty and Kevin Sheane who fought on unaware of what had happened behind them. The race was red flagged (stopped) because of damaged cars in dangerous positions on the circuit. Kevin Sheane took the win with Brian Hearty in second and Robbie Allen was credited with third place.Remaining places went to Hogg, Parks, Rabbitt, Corcoran, Crowley, Linnane, Swail, Byrne, Clarkin and Mullan. Both spectators and commentators alike reckoned that this was one of the races of the weekend.

In Formula Sheane we have a Scholarship Championship (B championship)The results of which were 1. Gary Corcoran, 2. Eoin Crowley, 3. Aidan Byrne, 4. Daniel Clarken and 5. Jennifer Mullan.

Race results and report are based on the last official results issued by D. Quigley at 16.36pm.

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